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"Ancient Greek plays were more religious ceremonies than entertainment, and Conte’s blocking, use of the chorus, costumes and the actors’ painted faces are highly ritualistic."

Review of Medea by Larry Laneer

Oklahoma Gazette

"Conte impeccably directs a highly competent cast of 11 characters. Conte creates a greater impact on the audience indicating the universality of the human condition in all times by mixing the modern and the period in costume and set design."

Review of Tartuffe by Elizabeth Hurd

"Directed by Fabrice Conte, fine arts chairman at St. Gregory's, the production preserves more of the romantic scope and epic scale of the novel than most interpretations, despite the intimate theater space.​ [...] The production is highly recommended."

Review of Frankenstein by John Brandenburg

The Oklahoman

"'Galileo's Torch,' directed with painterly skill by Fabrice Conte, opens with a group of actors in an undefined space who are convinced to try a play about Galileo, who most have never heard of. The cast proceeds to embody the people in Galileo's life with costume additions to their jeans and black shirts, quickly moving us from the environment of the undecorated stage to the Mediterranean Renaissance. [...] Director Conte has staged this fantasia on the life of Galileo in a space that starts as an unstructured stage with splotches of paint that becomes a galaxy of implied locations."

Review of Galileo's Torch by Anna Holloway

The Oklahoman

"An austere approach, which relied on simple costumes, minimal props and stylized, dance- or song-like movements, served Oklahoma City Theatre Company well in a staging of 'Medea' at Civic Center Music Hall. Director Fabrice Conte did a good job of reflecting 'the ritualistic aspects of Greek drama' in the theater company's production of the play by Euripides."

Review of Medea by John Brandenburg,

The Oklahoman


"Director Fabrice Conte-Williamson is a master of pace. This show is a steamroller. Whether it be Kari's monologue interludes or the scenes that follow, patrons are swept from one punchline to the next - whiplash has never been so delightful. If comedy is all in the timing, then Conte-Williamson is on the right track."

Review of Always a Bridesmaid by Kimberly Laberge,

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